Welcome to RubdownFantasy!!

Hi, I'm the founder of RubdownFantasy.com! The site began as a a bit of rebellion against the shame and sexual ignorance that prevents us from speaking freely about the positive and negative implications of our sexual health. After all, sexual energy is the strongest healing and holistic chemistry the body knows. It feeds all the other energy centers of the body, and is the fountain from which all other enthusiasm for life comes.

When we intentionally mobilize that energy throughout your physical and auric bodies it becomes a conscious meditation in the form of healing bodywork.

As a health and fitness educator, I have over 20 years experience in alternative, holistic and nutritional supplement consulting and fitness modeling. In physical form, I'm a living representation of my spiritual and nutritional beliefs, offering mind/body awareness counseling as part of my Tantric Ministry.

Having received training in numerous esoteric and mystical practices by several different masters, Tantra seemed like a natural fit for the kind of work I had learned called "sex magic", teaching people how to shed the spiritual weight of their body (and image that comes with it), to tap into their divine creative power, channel it through the chakras manifesting change of both attitude and reality in their lives.

Tantric bodywork is experience based learning. It may combine the deep, slow pressure and long strokes of a quality spa therapy with the comforting allure of a nurturing encounter. It strengthens the mind and elevates mood, heightens intuition. Want to break free and recieve a rare pampering you've long deserved? Let your tension dissolve in the exquisite sea of sensuality.

Learn yogic breathing, or pranayama to distribute erotic energy throughout your being and enhance your personal love life. Experiential Learning is the process of making meaning from direct experience.

For reservations or more information on arranging a healing session,

please call (702) 521-2501

or email me, rubdownfantasy@yahoo.com

To understand more about Tantric practice, please use the links on the left side of this page. Both EROSHA and ART OF TANTRA are educational and informative. Under the REVIEWS link you'll find numerous testimonials, as well as an ever-changing forum of articles and knowledge of Tantra from a variety of sources.

Thank you!