Yoni Worship (Goddess Worship)

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Yoni Worship (Goddess Worship)

Postby TantraAnn » Sun Jul 22, 2007 6:52 pm

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Yoni, (Sanskrit योनि yoni)which means Place of birth or Divine Passage and which means vulva and/or vagina in borrowed sense of English, is more than just a sexual reproductive organ in Hindu mythology. Hinduism recognizes the importance of the feminine in the spiritual world and it's always a combination of the male and female which transmutates energy.

The Yoni is important for study and for tantric/yogic practices in certain sects/cults in India. Osho (Rajneesh) spoke about the importance of sex (sex to salvation) in his discourses and books. He said that sex should not be treated as a manifestation of lust, but as a vehicle for spiritual growth and development. This theory is based on the concept of harnessing sexual or kundalini energy and making it travel upwards from the base of the spine towards the "Sahatrakar Chakra" at the top of the head (where the pineal gland is situated).

In short and abstract terms, a Yoni Puja can be defined as a sacred ritual during which the yoni is worshipped. This can occur by using a sacred sculpture, a painting, or a sanctified natural object as focus of veneration, or by worshipping the yoni in her living form - with the help of a woman - a Yogini. In any case, the worshipper engages in meditation on, or visualization of, the representation of the Goddess.

In practical reality, however, and in the religious practice that is still very much alive in present-day India, a Yoni Puja is a much more detailed, strange (to some), intimate (to others) or hardly believable (again to others) manner of religious worship; a ritual that goes back thousands of years, yet one that is still practiced today.

In an ordinary outer Yoni-puja, performed with a woman as her living representative of Devi, five liquids are poured over the Yoni. In literature, such libations are often simply interpreted as an offering to the divine, but the actual practice of a Yoni Puja shows that there is more involved than that.

Whereas the Yogini at the center of this worship is an initiated woman specifically trained not be become sexually aroused by all the attention to her body, and especially her Yoni, in these Tantric practices the sexual energies are awakened on purpose.

The five liquids, representing the five elements of Indian cosmology, are poured consecutively over the Yoni. In this system of associations, the element Earth is represented by yogurt, the element Water by actual water, Fire by honey, Air by milk; and Ether is represented by one or another type of edible oil. The final mixture, resulting from the five libations is empowered by such direct and intimate contact with the (living) Goddess.

Here, the Yoni is not only adored and worshipped, but also stimulated by the pouring of the yogurt, honey or oil. The yoni is intentionally excited, sometimes even penetrated; depending on which holy scripture a specific sect follows. The most esoteric of Tantrics, in their most secret modes of worship, consume the juices of love produced by the woman/Goddess.

Once these substances have been offered to Her, She, having purified and energized them with her yoni, she may return the offering as a gift to her worshipper such as mingling them with the bathing water during a Sacred Bath ritual.

It is this combination which enables the raising of one's awareness and which provides the potential for liberation inherent in these rituals. What is further needed, naturally, is the ability to do all of this with a deep love and respect for the specific powers of women, for the seat of life, for the Goddess.
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